Find out more about our award-winning Pathways Spa with Spa Manager, Khun Bee

April 1, 2022
Staff welcome guests at Pathway Spa

Did you know that massage in Thailand is often referred to as an act of “Metta”, which translates as “loving-kindness”? Thai people believe that all acts should be done with “Metta” – an ancient and sacred Sanskrit Buddhist belief. You can learn more about Buddhism in Thailand with our blog post here  – and it’s something we live and breathe throughout The Sarojin and nowhere more so than at our award-winning Pathways Spa. Nestled within the grounds of the resort and surrounded by coconut groves, lush greenery and nature, the spa’s treatments are specially designed to combine the healing properties of local natural ingredients with ‘Metta’ for the ultimate all-encompassing wellness experience for the body and mind.

Here at The Sarojin, we’re proud to honour the therapeutic traditions of Thailand with a luxurious selection of treatment and beauty services available at our spa. Our spa facilities feature our own private open-air pavilions, we have four in total, and all can accommodate couples together. The spa is equipped with luxurious rain showers and baths that blend into the natural habitat for a post-treatment soak, as well as a facial treatment room and a relaxation lounging area (aka an après spa area to relax quietly after treatments for as long as you want).

Here our Spa Manager, Khun Bee, tells us about her role and experience and what to expect when visiting for an indulgent treatment… an absolute must (we would even say compulsory) when in Thailand…

“I joined The Sarojin as Spa Manager in April 2019. My role involves managing our stunning facilities and lovely team of therapists and reception and providing them with training on different massage techniques plus, and something I absolutely love, making time to work as a therapist myself. The time I spend working as a therapist is extremely valuable to me because a) I love doing it and b) I believe in leading by example as the best way to make sure both our spa treatments and environment are of the best of qualities.  Additionally, I also review and update our spa menu and wellness offering on a regular basis and work with other departments on maintaining and preserving our very own sanctuary of wellness and relaxation to its best, for example with our Chief Gardener Khun Jom who takes care of the plants and nature that nestle the spa facilities.

A day in the life of a Spa Manager includes meet and greet of guests on arrival to the spa, running private consultations with our guests pre-treatment to share our recommendations and tailor treatments accordingly, training the team and giving treatments to guests when required… as well as various admin tasks of course. The most rewarding aspect of my role is our great team spirit – we are a little family – and the excellent feedback we consistently get from our guests. I think what makes receiving a massage in Thailand so special is that Thai therapists treat their guests from the heart and care for them like family, which is something we at The Sarojin can proudly confirm.

We offer a way range of treatments including body massages and treatments, facial, manicure and pedicure services and relaxing baths as well as yoga and meditation (our full treatment menu is available here and we are always at hand to discuss our guests’ needs) delivered by our expert team of highly-qualified native Thai massage therapists. All our treatments are harnessed with the power of nature as we use essential oils made in Thailand from 100% natural ingredients – we use a blend of sesame seed and sunflower oil  as a base, which is renowned for its natural healing properties, combined with additional oils that offer specific holistic benefits. For example, we use Kob Koon oil “thank you” (a blend of sesame seed and sunflower, plai, ylang ylang and lavender) which brings a feeling of  calm, reducing anxiety and nerves, Jai Yen oil “calm heart” (a blend of sesame and sunflower, mint and eucalyptus) to give a feeling of refreshment during our treatments and – the most popular – Choke Dee Oil “good luck” (a combination of sesame seed and sunflower, ylang ylang, bergamot and geranium) for a wonderful romantic feeling.

There are two body massages that are especially popular with our guests: ‘Royal Oriental Massage’, a deeply therapeutic luxurious blend of traditional Thai massage and Aroma massage techniques; and ‘Faa Fairt Massage’, performed by two therapists wonderfully synchronized to give a four-handed massage which we highly recommend as feedback is always amazing. For couples the most popular is ‘Nature’s Midday Haven’, combining an aromatic bath, body scrub, massage, facial treatments and Spa Cuisine Lunch… inside and out wellness.

Our Spa Cuisine Lunch is also popular and can be added to any treatment. It’s designed by our Executive Chef Gogh and includes refreshing juices and smoothies packed with health benefits. For example, Berries Refresher Juice (a blend of Acai berry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, plant yoghurt) is great for its rejuvenation benefits and packed with antioxidants, and Tropical Energizer Juice (Mango, Banana, Passion fruit, Pineapple and Ginger) for a boost of energy.

In my opinion, what makes having a treatment at Pathways Spa so special is its location – a secluded tropical haven surrounded by nature with the sounds of the Andaman Sea in the distance, partnered with the melodic chirping of our resident birds and wildlife in the canopy above – and the excellent massage technique our therapists perform, which come from their heart. In Thai we refer to this as “jai” and we spend a lot of time focusing on this in training – as a guest you will definitely feel the difference when a massage is delivered with true “jai” and excellent technique. For guests that only have time for one treatment during their stay, I recommend the Faa Fairt Massage…  four-handed bliss.

Our spa facilities are without doubt stunning and exude a great feeling of relaxation and peace but, so is the rest of the resort and we are happy to provide treatments in other areas such as by the pool or outdoor hut, on the beach, in your room… your imagination is our limit and we look forward to welcoming you!”

To find out more about The Sarojin’s health and safety procedures in response to COVID-19, you can visit our Health and Safety page or to explore the resort’s spacious grounds and residences virtually check out our 360-degree online tour.

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