Swimming pool

The Sarojin - Khao Lak Resort, Luxury Boutique Beach Resort in Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand.

Nestled within The Sarojin’s serene and lush tropical gardens lies a truly magnificent oasis – our swimming pool, a haven of relaxation. As you step into its inviting waters, you’ll experience true relaxation and rejuvenation. The pool’s dimensions are perfection in themselves – a generous 25 meters by 25 meters square, allowing for ample space to enjoy a leisurely swim or simply float and unwind. The symmetry of this design adds to the overall sense of harmony and balance, creating a soothing atmosphere that envelops you as you swim.

A highlight of The Sarojin’s pool is the sunken jacuzzi lounge area. Here, you can immerse yourself in warm, bubbling waters, letting the soothing jets massage away any tensions or stresses that may linger from your daily life.

Surrounding the pool are three resplendent floating pavilions. These pavilions are more than just shaded areas; they are sanctuaries of for you to take time to catch up on what matters most. Each one is thoughtfully positioned to offer picturesque views of the pool, gardens and beyond. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a refreshing drink, read a book, use the resort-wide wifi to catch up on an email or two or simply gaze upon the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Our meticulous attention to detail extends to the poolside service as well. The Sarojin’s dedicated staff are always on hand to ensure your comfort and cater to your every need. Whether it’s a cool drink, a fluffy towel or assistance with anything you desire, their warm and attentive service will make your poolside experience truly exceptional.

At The Sarojin, our Swimming pool is a lot more than just a pool; it’s a place of tranquility where every element, from the design to the service, has been carefully crafted to create an environment of pure relaxation. Dive in, float or swim and let your cares melt away in this part of our resort.