Staying connected during your stay at The Sarojin

October 31, 2020
Convenient WiFi access by the pool, allowing guests to stay connected and relax.

Whilst many of our guests use their time at our beautiful resort to switch off from the world and detox from technology, we know that for others it’s still important to stay connected during their stay – so whether that’s catching up on work emails over your morning coffee, a video call home to loved ones during a stroll along the beach, letting your teenagers enjoy an online game by the pool, uploading your envious holidays snaps to social media or streaming the latest episode of a must-watch TV programme or sporting event in your room, we’ve got you covered!

Here at The Sarojin we pride ourselves on keeping you #SarojinConnected by offering unlimited high speed internet throughout the resort – in fact we can even give you a pocket wifi device to use in our fleet of cars or aboard the Lady Sarojin yacht. If you love dipping into magazines and newspapers then we know you’ll enjoy complimentary use of the PressReader app enabling you to access an all-you-can-read digital newsstand with thousands of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines, plus in our guest residences you can also access YouTube, Netflix and more through our smart TVs. What’s more, we’ve got plenty of cosy spaces around the resort ideal for those moments when you need a little peace and quiet with your tech!

To tell us a little more about keeping the resort #SarojinConnected, our onsite IT Manager Khun Ek gives his take on our technology…

“I’ve worked at The Sarojin for over 15 years and in that time the world’s technology has evolved dramatically, but at the resort we’ve always ensured that we offer our guests the latest tech they need and more to stay connected during their visit. Keeping our IT systems up to date is a round-the-clock job and involves maintaining our computer and network system, providing user support and updating our website with our latest news, offers and blogs. It’s not always easy and keeping a balance between providing a user friendly service for our guests and keeping our security system safe is always our key focus.

What our guests tell us that they love most about our technology offer is our fantastic high-speed bandwidth which is great for those that want to keep in touch with others around the world. It’s fast enough to easily make video calls or stream online throughout the resort without any buffering, including at the beach. Our time zone here in Thailand is also great for connecting with other destinations, either with a morning call to those in Europe and Oceania or an evening catch up with those in America. I often see guests sharing the idyllic sunsets or picturesque pool views with their loved ones from afar, we’ve certainly got some impressive real-life backdrops for Zoom and social media! I take great pride that our guests can easily share their holiday spirit in real time with those back home because of our technology, it’s like sending apostcard virtually without the need for a stamp.

Others use our wifi to enjoy our PressReader app which is packed with international newspapers and magazines, some guests like to use this to catch up on global news over breakfast whilst others enjoy the app for leisure by the pool with a cocktail or two.

We also understand that many of those who stay with us need to remain connected for business during their holiday, so we’ve got plenty of spaces around the resort which offer some privacy and seclusion outside of our guest residences. Our cosy library is a favourite amongst professionals who can use the space to catch up on emails over a coffee, or our serene gardens offer a peaceful outside setting away from the main areas of the resort.

Finally, we know that many of our guests still like to sit back and relax with a bit of TV time while on holiday – particularly our younger guests and teens that want to keep up to date with the latest must-watch programmes. Alongside streaming online through their own devices, guests can access Netflix and Youtube through our smart TVs in their guest residence.”

If you would like to discuss your technology needs or have any questions about how we can help you remain #SarojinConnected during your stay, please get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.