Pathways Spa

Pathway spa at The Sarojin is a secluded spa haven, luxuriously integrated with nature, floating over the main estuary and energy line of the resort, with views through a coconut grove and beyond to the Andaman Sea.  Rustic yet comfortable, and privately entered by a meandering boardwalk, guests are gently lulled by the sounds of the Andaman Sea and bird song.

Featuring four double bed open air treatment pavilions with rain showers and two with additional couples’ baths, one air conditioned facial treatment room, and an open air post spa relaxation lounge area, Pathways is a discovered place and forms a key part of The Sarojin’s wellness experience.


Wellness – Spa, Yoga, Meditation

Our treatments are designed to revitalise and relax our guests during their stay and are available alongside a whole host of other wellness activities at The Sarojin including yoga and meditation.

For centuries, Thai people have used the natural healing properties of local herbs, trees, flowers and fruits to purify and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Purification of the spirit is believed to be achieved by combining these rich earthy ingredients into remedies that enhance your feeling of wellness. Our treatments allow you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Khao Lak Wellness Retreat

All of our essential oils here at The Sarojin are made in Thailand, from 100% natural ingredients. We use sunflower oil as a base, which is renowned for its natural healing properties, combined with additional oils that offer specific holistic benefits. For example, we use Kob Koon oil (a blend of sunflower, plai, ylang ylang and lavender) to reduce anxiety and nerves, Jai Dee oil (a combination of sunflower, lemongrass, lavender and cedarwood) to reduce stress and Jai Yen oil (a blend of sunflower, mint and eucalyptus) to give a feeling of refreshment during our treatments. Request more information about our Khao Lak wellness retreat.