Culinary classes

Thai Cooking Class

Learn from passionate chefs about Thai cuisines, culture, herbs, spices and local ingredients.  Visit local markets and learn about alternative ingredients to substitute in your home country. Select and taste ingredients required for your chosen dishes before preparing and cooking with personal tuition. Enjoy what you have made for lunch - perhaps with a glass of wine? Non cooking partners are welcome to join for lunch.

Cooking classes include beginner or advanced, and each with a range of dishes to choose including vegetarian and vegan options; class locations include at The Sarojin, on the beach, beneath a jungle waterfall; or learning the secrets of Thai street food and cooking and sharing a lunch feast for the children at the Camillian Social Centre

All preparations and cooking classes are hands on experience

Beginner Class
Introduction to food preparations, cooking and food presentation techniques

Advanced Class
Perfect for the serious home cook who wants to learn how to cook and present truly authentic Thai cuisines.


Street Food Cook For Kids
Camillian Social Centre provides day care for children with physical disabilities and Down syndrome. The “Street Food Cook For Kids” initiative combines a local street food tour and street food cooking class with The Sarojin chef at the centre cooking lunch for the children. A truly wonderful experience!

Fruit Carving

If you have ever wondered how those amazingly cut decorative fruit designs are created then our Fruit Carving Classes are for you - learn to create flowers from chili, leaves from carrots, roses from watermelons or elephants made from the fruit of the "Indian Suicide Tree"


Catch, Cook and Dine

Seeking for a more authentic encounter with rural Thailand? The "Catch, Cook and Dine" is a true foodie experience and enables guests to engage with the local environment and quite literally fish for their own supper, gather ingredients from local farms and suppliers in some of Thailand's most natural and spectacular landscapes. Ingredients gathered, you will then enjoy a master class with Chef on a river bank or equally stunning outdoor setting. Finally, you will be able to dine like a King or Queen with a spectacular safari-style gourmet lunch that you have created set amidst the breathtaking surroundings…