Holidays at The Sarojin: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

January 15, 2024
The Sarojin

At The Sarojin, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are truly magical. Our resort is always full of festive fun during this special season for guests and staff alike. It’s an ideal retreat for those seeking the spirit of the holidays while enjoying the best a holiday in Thailand has to offer.

The Sarojin is set in stunning natural beauty. We offer an unmatched experience at this time of year, with exquisite dining, fine wines, champagnes and unique cocktails. This Christmas, guests enjoyed culinary masterpieces with each dish showcasing our chefs’ skill and passion. Laughter and the clink of champagne glasses filled the air while our staff provided attentive, personalised service, making every moment special.

Every Christmas at The Sarojin we look forward to the annual visit of children from Baan Than Namchai Orphanage. On Christmas Eve, these children join us for a special dinner with our staff, setting the stage for a festive evening. The highlight is “songs around the tree,” when the children lead us in joyful carols, spreading the Christmas spirit. This enchanting start to the evening, coupled with a gift-giving session, not only delights the children but also embodies the joy of sharing and community, making it a cherished tradition at The Sarojin.

This year on Christmas Eve, the majestic superyacht ‘M.Y. Stardust’ made a grand arrival in the tranquil waters of Khao Lak, adding a grand splash of boating glamour to our festive celebrations. As the yacht anchored, guests aboard disembarked for an exclusive experience at The Sarojin. They were welcomed to a Christmas Eve dinner set on our pristine white sand beach, under a canopy of twinkling stars. Guests indulged in a lavish feast, featuring the freshest local produce and seafood, masterfully prepared by our skilled chefs. The night was a mix of festive elegance and relaxation, as the yacht’s guests enjoyed the warm hospitality of The Sarojin, making it a Christmas Eve to remember.

Another fun highlight is always Santa Claus’s visit to The Sarojin. His surprise appearance before his global journey delighted everyone. Of course he had to try a little paddle boarding while he was here!

New Year’s Eve at The Sarojin was, as always, a fantastic festive feast. The night featured superb dining, emphasising top-quality food, fresh and locally sourced dishes. Fine wines and champagne complemented the meals. Music set the evening’s mood as our guests danced and celebrated under the stars. The lantern lighting at the end of the evening is an annual highlight, symbolising new beginnings and hope.
Take a look at our photo slideshow below, capturing the very best moments of New Year’s Eve with staff and guests all joining together to welcome 2024!