Explore the Cultural Beauty of Khao Lak’s Community

May 31, 2019
The Sarojin staff standing holding tress they are about to plant

If you know the story of The Sarojin you will know how important engaging with the local community is to us and how we believe this adds soul to a hotel and provides our guests with truly memorable experiences!

To help our guests explore the authentic Thai ambience of Khao Lak and the surrounding area, we operate our very own excursions with local guides.

From cooking with the children at a local day care centre, to caring for an elephant, each of our experiences is carefully crafted to help you discover the best of the region in a sensitive and co-operative way, whilst helping to contribute to a sustainable local economy. Spoiled for choice? Here are some of our favourite community engagement experiences:

Khao Lak community

Street Food Cook for Kids Initiative

One of our most enriching experiences is the Street Food Cook for Kids initiative, which offers guests a unique opportunity to engage with the children of Khao Lak’s Camillian Centre, a not-for-profit organisation that provides day care facilities and rehabilitation for children with special needs.  Preparing a nutritious meal alongside our chef, you’ll get to interact with these wonderful children and help breakdown barriers between culture and languages in a respectful manner that provides valuable experiences and memories for all.

Catching a Glimpse of Local LifeKhao Lak community

We’ve worked with the local rural and coastal communities for a long time to create sustainable experiences for our guests and our Glimpse of Local Life experiences are each aimed at helping you to explore Khao Lak while supporting the community. Led by our local experts, these experiences will help you engage with Khao Lak’s ways of life and experience a day in the life of locals. You can cycle through the old streets of Takuapa town and discover its local cafes, shrines and markets as you go, sail across the water on a longtail fishing boat to catch your very own dinner with a local fisherman and visit the temple to offer alms to the Buddhist monks. And that is just the start of it!

Care for an Elephant at an Ethical Elephant sanctuary

Spending the morning at the local ethical elephant sanctuary is the perfect way to engage with the local wildlife and get up close to the national animal of Thailand. During this experience you will get to learn how mahouts care for their elephants and the key responsibilities in doing so. Once you have been introduced to your elephant for the day, you’ll discover the vital signs of a happy, healthy elephant, before feeding and bathing them in this wonderful environment that is committed to the welfare of these majestic creatures. It might just be one of our favourite ways to spend the day!

We purposely chose Khao Lak as the location for our boutique residence and we hope you have as much fun discovering the stunning natural scenery, authentic ambience and local culture as we continue to do so today!