Takuapa Old Town – A Taste of Authentic Local Life

May 15, 2019
Takuapa Old Town – A Taste of Authentic Local Life

Located just 30 minutes from The Sarojin, Takuapa Old Town, or Sri Takuapa as it is also known, is a fantastic place to discover authentic Thailand and get a glimpse of local life.

Once a wealthy mining centre and crucial social hub for connections through to southern Thailand, Old Takuapa Town is an eclectic and charming Sino-Portuguese town that bursts with local culture, heritage, colour and flavour. To help guests discover the best of the town, we’ve rounded-up some of our favourite things to do:

Authentic Local Market

Local markets offer a fantastic insight into Thailand’s daily local life and vibrant culture, as well as the rich flavours of its cuisine. On Sunday afternoons and into the evening Sri Takuapa comes alive with the wonderful smells, sights and experiences of a local walking market. As you stroll down the main street which has been closed to traffic, you’ll find stalls selling local Thai dishes, fresh produce, delicious Thai desserts, refreshing beverages and souvenirs. There’s also often music and dance performances, so we recommend taking the time to sit at a local café and take it all in.  Takuapa Old Town’s Sunday market is open weekly between November and April.

Chinese-Thai Tea Houses

With a vibrant Chinese-Thai history, Takuapa Old Town has a fantastic range of Chinese-Thai tea houses that are perfect for sitting back and relaxing with a refreshing drink as you watch the locals go about their daily life. Some of the team’s favourites include Thai tea, Thai coffee, and local breakfast at “Chin Keng restaurant” and “Ko Chai restaurant” located on Takuapa Ancient Street.

Alms offering at local Buddhist Temple

Visiting a local Buddhist temple is a wonderful way to experience Thailand’s spiritual culture and is often a highlight for those visiting Takuapa Old Town. We recommend stopping at the local market or store to purchase a small gift of food, which can be given as an alms offering to the Buddhist monks. In return you’ll receive a spiritual blessing to bring you good fortune and health.

Chinese Shrine

The Sino-Portuguese architecture isn’t the only sign of the Chinese influence in this area. Chinese shrines are also dotted throughout the town and certainly worth a visit to admire their stunning architecture and décor. The largest Chinese Shrine in the town is “Guan Ou Shrine” located on Takuapa Ancient Street.

Little Amazon

‘Little Amazon’ is a beautiful stunning forest area close to Takuapa Old Town and we love exploring this wildlife haven! With river banks lined with mangroves and banyan trees, the best way to explore Little Amazon is by pleat boat (canoe). As you cruise down the little rivers, you’ll hear the sounds of the rainforests and birds singing – don’t forget to keep an eye out for the local wildlife too, which includes monkeys, lizards, snakes and tropical birds

Getting There

Buses run daily from Khao Lak to Tukuapa and take approximately one hour. By car, the journey takes approximately 30 minutes and transfers / taxis can be arranged to take you to Takuapa Old Town from The Sarojin. Want some guidance? The Saorjin team are always happy to help you plan your day trips and give their recommendations on some of the best things to do!

A Glimpse of Local Life with The Sarojin

Guests wanting to explore Takuapa Old Town with an expert local guide will find our Glimpse of Local Life excursions offer the perfect half-day and full day experiences. From visiting the local market and enjoying a dimsum breakfast to cycling the beautiful streets of the old town and cruising down the jungle rivers, The Sarojin’s guides can organise the perfect authentic day out in Takuapa Old Town. Prices begin from THB 1,850 per person ‘Just for Two’.

When visiting temples and shrines, please be respectful by wearing appropriate clothing.