Unearth the untouched beauty of Koh Prathong Island

January 15, 2020
Unearth the untouched beauty of Koh Prathong Island

It´s no secret that Thailand is a paradise for nature enthusiasts wanting to discover the region’s pristine coastlines, colourful abundant marine life and countless hidden natural treasures. However, it might come as a surprise to you to know that Khao Lak neighbours an island resembling the African savanna… so be sure to pack your cargo pants and join us for a Thai style safari like no other to Koh Prathong Island during your stay!

Koh Prathong Island is an idyllic unspoilt wilderness located just over 40km north of Khao Lak, accessible only by boat and practically untouched, teaming with stunning wildlife and native plants. Here visitors can take in the beautiful scenery whilst enjoying the gentle noise of waves lapping secluded beaches, alongside the sounds of early morning birdsong from the island’s native wildlife – with over 100 species of birds calling Koh Prathong Island home.

Fun fact – the story goes that the island was named after a buried treasure. Legend dictates that a group of pirates sailing around the coast of the island chose Koh Prathong to hide a precious golden Buddha statue, thanks to its isolated location. There are no records to report that a statue was ever found, but Koh Prathong Island means ‘Golden Buddha Island’ in Thai, so we like to think there’s a bit of treasure still hiding there for someone to find.

Delve in to nature on our Thai style safari

One of the reasons we chose Khao Lak as the location for our boutique residence was the stunning natural beauty of the area, so designing experiences to help you discover it is a big part of our philosophy.

Our Koh Prathong Island Safari Excursion will whisk you away from the mainland to discover the island´s rich biodiversity and rugged untouched nature – unlike anywhere else in Khao Lak. The island has three landscapes to explore, with mangrove forests to the east, picturesque white sand beaches featuring unique rocky islets to the west and an ‘African’ style savanna grassland between the two.

Our safari excursion departs from The Sarojin in the early hours of the morning to offer you the best chance of spotting its wild inhabitants. If you’re lucky, you may see the increasingly rare lesser adjutant bird or catch a glimpse of the local sambar deer and resident leopard cats. Starting off with a short trek on arrival, you will be able to discover the hundreds of species of birds, insects, fauna and flora, including the grey-headed fish eagle, vernal hanging parrot and red-breasted parakeet that live on the island.

After enjoying breakfast at a local homestay, you will continue your safari experience by tractor. Yes, that´s right… the small number of locals that populate the island move around using traditional style tractors, otherwise known as ‘tak-taks’.

The excursion returns to the hotel in the late afternoon, allowing for plenty of time to relax by the pool or for you to head down to the beach to continue enjoying the natural beauty of Khao Lak!

We’re sure that a truly memorable safari-style adventure awaits you at Koh Prathong Island, along with the chance of spotting some rare wildlife – providing you with substantial content to produce Instagram envy too!

Booking it

The excursion can be booked with our team at The Sarojin or prior to arrival and is part of our “Just for 2” experiences. Prices start from THB 6,100 per person.