The Sarojin - Khao Lak Resort, Luxury Boutique Beach Resort in Khaolak, Phang Nga, Thailand.

The Sarojin is an award-winning luxurious boutique beach resort, just 55 minutes transfer from Phuket International Airport on a stunning, 11km secluded white sand beach in Khao Lak, Thailand.

The Sarojin luxury boutique resort borders five spectacular primary rain forested national parks, the world famous dive sanctuaries of the Similan and Surin Islands national marine parks (world top 10 dive and snorkeling site), Phang Nga Bay national marine park renowned for its dramatic limestone islands and captivating sea cave canoe journeys. Three 18 hole golf courses all also all easily accessible and all within 1 hour of The Sarojin luxury beach resort. The Sarojin offers guests an opportunity to adventurously experience this spectacular setting.

The Sarojin beach resort, Khao Lak, comprises 56 luxury guest residences situated in 7 separate two-storey buildings overlooking tropical gardens and an ancient Ficus tree. Careful design allows abundant space and privacy to blend harmoniously with nature. Sublime, serene, peaceful.

October 2022

Many thanks for a wonderful stay other than the weather everything was perfect S & C/ Great Britain/ 29.9.22 – 1.10.22

Thank you for the lovely stay, It was WONDERFUL, to come back soon! O & Y/ Israel/ 30.9.22 – 1.10.22

Thank you for the lovely hosting! tentative staff, great food and beautiful garden and room! I & T/ Israel/ 27.9.22 – 2.10.22

We loved every second here and cannot thank you enough for making our stay so special, romantic and loving. We love you all and will be back for sure! S & E/ Germany/ 22.9.22 – 2.10.22

Thank you for the best experience we had in Thailand! The staff is amazing, the food, the facilities everything is absolutely great! A & D/ Israel/ 1.10.22 – 3.10.22

Thank you one of the best experience we had a blast, After our visit 9 years ago we were delighted that their beautiful place is still the most wonderful resort to stay, the people are like family to us, so kind, friendly and generous. The attention to detail, the food, the long breakfast wonderful, Thank you J & R/Australia/ 22.9.22 – 3.10.22

The hotel is perfect! Starting from the amazing staff, their warm attitude and service is the best!!! We have fun every minute of our week here! Thank you a lot T & P/ Israel/ 27.9.22 – 4.10.22

We had a wonderful experience here at Sarojin! the hotel is exceptional and the staff is amazing. We can’t wait to come back and see the white sand beach again the many thank again to all the staff to make our experience comfortable K & A/France/ 29.9.22 – 4.10.22

An amazing experience breakfast is the best here! Love the room & service the resort is very beautiful and we hope to be back again M & E/Singapore/ 30.9.22 – 4.10.22

Such a beautiful + perfect honeymoon! Our room was lovely, the staff are the best and the trips available are amazing! We have visited temples, Elephant Hills for 3 days, a love blessing dinner on the beach, cooking class with Chef Gogh and our final night a private dinner at waterfall was believable! the most romantic place. I love our been!! We will be back!! E & S/ Great Britain/ 1.10.22 – 4.10.22


The Sarojin was a delight, food incredible we will miss a mango yogurt, Thank you! B & P/ Great Britain/ 1.10.22 – 5.10.22

Absolutely magical stay here as part of our honeymoon, the grounds are so beautifully kept and the stay are all fantastic – nothing was ever too much trouble, the food was incredible from the breakfast to the private dining experience on our final nights here. Thank you to all the staff who made our stay so fantastic we would definitely be recommending to here, would love to return at some point! M & R/ Great Britain/ 2.10.22 – 6.10.22

What a beautiful family trip The Sarojin had to give us, your staff every single one went above & beyond with every element of our stay and we could not have asked for anything more, the breakfast, room was divine and all the water sports on the beach was a bonus. Thank you again & keep on smiling! T & A & L & J/ Australia/ 2.10.22 – 6.10.22

Brilliant few days spent in The Sarojin the fast part of our honeymoon has been a fantastic experience staff couldn’t be were helpful + the food was delicious. We will definitely be recommend here to other + wanted love to return J & L/ Ireland/ 30.9.22 – 6.10.22

Lovely resort, wished that we had more time. If we are back in this area, we will pre book again, staff all friendly & sweet, Thank!!! J & M/USA/ 5.10.22 – 6.10.22

Fantastic stay, fantastic staff and fantastic food!!! brilliant vegetarian choice. We will be back! G & F/ Great Britain/ 25.9.22 – 6.10.22

A very short, very sweet stay, everything you need is here! a beautiful place to stay and amazing food and lovely staff. Thank you for looking after me F/ Great Britain/ 6.10.22 – 7.10.22

By far the best hotel we’ve been to, everything little detail is precise, and the service is exceptional! M & S/ Israel/ 3.10.22 – 7.10.22

We loved our stay, we needed some relaxation and The Sarojin gave us just that. The people are absolutely lovely. We enjoyed our pool and ocean swims, the spa and delicious breakfast we also loved taking the bicycles for rides A & D/ Australia/ 5.10.22 – 7.10.22

A hidden paradise! We will definitely come back as well as give our highest recommendation! Greeting from Switzerland!!! D & K/ Switzerland/ 26.9.22 – 7.10.22

We loved this stay – everyone was so friendly helpful, Thank you! D & S/ Switzerland/ 4.10.22 – 8.10.22

The Sarojin is such a beautiful place! Not only because of the stunning and beautiful design and plants, but more because of the whole Sarojin team! We will definitely come back. Thank you all for the amazing service and making our holiday exceptional! Best wishes R & A/ Germany/ 29.9.22 – 8.10.22

We stayed at this lovely hotel for 3 days wonderful , it was magical! We loved everything of it G & E/ Israel/ 6.10.22 – 9.10.22

Back after ten years, as our daughter now ‘Qualifies’ as a guest at 10 years old. It is so nice to be back to see the care and attention that has been lavished on this unique resort, privileged to be here on the 17th anniversary and meet people who have been here 8 times speaks for itself. When told the ranking of most is (1) layout (2) staff (3) food I beg to differ same three of course, but wonderful staff are No.1 thank you lovely Sarojin & know we will be seeing you soon N & J & N & f/ HK/ 5.10.22 – 9.10.22

Gorgeous hotel, rooms, amenities and staff there is a lot of love that goes into The Sarojin and it shows! Had the most wonderful time! Thank you to everyone, we will be back for another stay soon!! S & M/ Australia/ 5.10.22 – 9.10.22

We really enjoyed our stay at The Sarojin and we would definitely recommend it! Beautiful place and very friendly staff T & N/ Australia/ 5.10.22 – 9.10.22

A wonderful stay! such a beautiful place and amazing staff thank you Kade and The Sarojin team for an amazing holiday and birthday celebration! A & K/ England / 5.10.22 – 9.10.22

An incredible stay everything was perfect outstanding comfort & service Thank you! D & L/ Great Britain/ 7.10.22 – 10.10.22

We had an awesome honeymoon welcome! Great hospitality, the food is very very very good! Thanks to the Chef! L & S/ Israel/ 8.10.22 – 10.10.22

Lovely place, perfect place! T & P/ Thailand/ 7.10.22 – 10.10.22

It was a great vacation here at The Sarojin we will come back. Thank you to everyone! D & D/ Switzerland/ 3.10.22 – 11.10.22

The most beautiful hotel we’re ever been too. Thank you so much for such a wonderful honeymoon experience. Everyone here made our time so special, special thank you to Chai, Au and Jack for our trips so perfectly we cannot wait to return! M & C/ USA/ 5.10.22 – 10.10.22

Thank you to The Sarojin for the lovely stay we enjoyed everything! From the pool, the beach, the great food and lovely staff! We can’t believe our stay is over! Thank you again! S & N/ Israel/ 7.10.22 – 11.10.22

We loved the time at The Sarojin that much! The best place to relax ever! Great food, amazing staff, awesome garden…its just perfect! We will come back soon! Thank you very much to all!!! M & J/ Germany/ 9.10.22 – 11.10.22

To the most amazing resort staff we have had the pleasure to get to know, thank you for making our first of many stays here the best experience possible, a big thank you to Nick, Kade and Jom the gardener who made Anna her bamboo staff, we had a great stay. Love the resort, See you all soon! S & A/ 4.10.22 – 11.10.22

What a fabulous place! The staff are so helpful, great and amazing. We recomend it for our honeymoon, we cannot thank you enough, and also my amazing birthday cake. We hope to come back soon. Thank you to Kade, Jenny, Mon, Tu, Jib, Sak and all staff J & N/ Great Britain/ 3.10.22 – 11.10.22

What a beautiful and peaceful place. Thank you for a lovely stay! M & K/ Great Britain/ 7.10.22 – 12.10.22

Thank you it is a very good, peaceful + fabulous place! The Thai people here and around are so friendly and helpful, the nature is beautiful. Thank you and we will return Easily the best resort we have ever stayed in! the food, the amenities and especially the staff are absolutely 1st class! We can’t wait to return T & D/ Great Britian/ 6.10.22 – 12.10.22

An amazing honeymoon stay! the most amazing hotel, surroundings + staff we loved every minute of our stay! It was so good we came back again from Elephant hills! All staff are lovely amazing and care for our every need, we were made to feel very special, we will highly recommened The Sarojin as a honeymoon destination T & C/ Ireland/ 6.10.22 – 13.10.22

Wonderful! People and wonderful place! M & A/ Switcheland/ 8.10.22 – 13.10.22

Had a wonderful stay!!! great people! Super nice staff! Super friendly management!! Amazing food and drinks! Family S/ USA/ 8.10.22 – 13.10.22

Wonderful resort, staff are lovely, the gardens & beach so peachful! I & D/ Great Britain/ 8.10.22 – 13.10.22

There are very little worlds to adequately describe the bliss, joy + serenity we experience at The Sarojin 10/10 the best hotel either of us have ever stayed in, we can’t wait to return G & O/ Great Britian/ 3.10.22 – 13.10.22

Our 5th visit and as excellent stay as ever. Great staff make the Sarojin. Thanks in particular to O, Tu, Mon. We will be back again next year! D & L/ Great Britain/ 4.10.22 – 14.10.22

Our first time at the hotel and in Thailand, couldn’t ask for a better stay. Hotel and staff were amazing made our honeymoon extra special, we can’t wait to return! J & L/ Great Britain/ 8.10.22 – 14.10.22

One week in heaven! Thank you to each once everyone in The Sarojin family for making our honeymoon absolutely wonderful. We have enjoyed the beautiful surrounding, the delicious food and drinks and attention from all the Sarojin staff members and the waterfall dinner was absolutely magical! Thank you and see you again! K & L/ Danmarks/ 7.10.22 – 14.10.22

We stayed 7 nights at The Sarojin for our honeymoon, we loved everything about this hotel, the staff are lovely, the food is great, the pathway spa was amazing and thank you to Khun Pop, we are planning on returning for our next time I & A/ Great Britain/ 7.10.22 – 14.10.22

What an amazing 9 night stay! We have thourughly enjoyed our holiday, wonderland staff, all of whom were so friendly. Fantastic facilities, food, beach, pool, room and Jacuzzi! All and everything was top notch! Thank you everyone who has made this a memoable stay for us. We will hopefully see you again soon! Thank you Jenny for looking after us when unfortunately we suffered from a bout of food poisoning not from eating at The Sarojin. M & J/ Great Britain/ 5.10.22 – 14.10.22

We have had the most amazing 7 nights at The Sarojin, the staff have been beyond helpful and so kind, our room was so clean and luxurious and the resort itself is beautiful. We will definitely be back again! J & T/ Great Britain/ 8.10.22 – 15.10.22

We came for 4 nights stay at The Sarojin, and if we knew what an amazing place it is we definitely would stay for longer! The staff was wonderfull!! Our stay was the best for this trip! We will recommend this hotel to all our friends and family, Thank you very much for everything it was a pleasure T & B/ Israel/ 11.10.22 – 15.10.22

Thank you for great hospitality we enjoyed staying here so much we love the peaceful time here, definitely we will come back again! K & K/ Japan/ 13.10.22 – 16.10.22

What a wonderful stay! such great service and food had such a great time here, we will recommend it to family and friends! Thank you Sarojin team! D & A/ Australia/ 15.10.22 – 16.10.22

Our first time here but not our last. We loved our stay, the surrounding + grounds are beautiful but it is the staff that make it special, See you all again soon! K & J/ Australia/ 12.10.22 – 16.10.22

After 16 years (from our last visit) and thinking it could not be as wonderful as last time, it was!! The Sarojin + the wonderful staff are amazing. If won’t be 16 years until you see us again! D & S/ Australia/ 12.10.22 – 16.10.22

Very relaxing, beautiful view, great environment, white beach, the staff are very friendly, the food is excellent R & D/ Great Britain/ 12.10.22 – 17.10.22

hank you very much for everything from the room to the great staff. We will come back! A & I/ Israel/ 16.10.22 – 19.10.22

We had the most amazing stay for our honeymoon the entire staff has truly been the most kind, We enjoyed getting to know everyone and consider you all friends. We will certaining ba back to visit! Thank you for making our stay so excellent we will be recommentding The Sarojin to everyone! We are blessed by you! Thank you very much. L & O/ USA/ 11.10.22 – 19.10.22

We had great time at Sarojin during our honeymoon, The service was great, thank you for everything M & D/ Israel/ 15.1022 – 19.10.22

It is my third time at The Sarojin and it remains our most beloved place in Asia, The incredible staff, incomparable service, beautiful environment and décor and the attention to every detail has made it magical all over again! We are blessed to have such lovely friends here! We look forward to our next visit hopefully in 2023 It to also worth mentioning the wonderful food and drink! Although the rain persisted we leave refreshed and relaxed! A & S/ Great Britain/ 16.10.22 – 19.10.22

Thank you for looking after us and making our stay a memorable one. We really enjoyed the whole experience particularly the staff are the best! R & F/ Great Britain/ 15.10.22 – 20.10.22

Thank you to the lovely staff at The Sarojin we had a fantastic stay even though the rain tried to drown our spirits. Everything was fantastic, the food, the room, the ambience! We look forward to returning! A & N/ Great Britain/ 14.10.22 – 20.10.22

Thank you for a wonderful stay in Khao Lak! Best food we had in Thailand, Amazing attention to detail! We hope to come back soon! G & N/ Germany/ 18.10.22 – 20.10.22

Thank you for a great stay, we loved everything minute, the staff and room where brilliant, we will be back! Thank again J & S/ Germany/ 14.10.22 – 21.10.22

Dear Sarojin team, we cannot thank you enough for our incredible stay… even the non stop rain was blissful, The Sarojin staff are amazing. We will be back! Khob Khun Ka Khob Kun Krab W & H/ Great Britain/ 15.10.22 – 21.10.22

Everything was wonderful! The staff was great, the grounds, room & food were beautiful. We loved it and hope to be back soon day! Thank you S & S/ USA/ 17.10.22 – 21.10.22

Everything was great, service and location and food are all the best! Most wonderful place! Service is amazing and the food is the best ever, I never ate a bad meal here! Thank you Sarojin! P & K/ USA/ 19.10.22 – 21.10.22

Wonderful staff! We didn’t care that it rained everyday, but had a fantastic time, great food, beautiful beach walks, all good J & E/ USA/ 14.10.22 – 22.10.22

Thank you to all The Sarojin team that provide service with good service mind and create an impression of accommodation, food, beautiful place and good hospitality, next time we will be back again, feel the warm welcome! Family J/ Thailand/ 21.10.22 – 22.10.22

As always we have had the most amazing time at the Sarojin this being our 9th visit we particularly love all of the warm friendly staff and the trememdous way they look after us. Anyone interested in experience the best massage in the world we recommend the spa and in particular Pop you will be in good hands, Thanks Jenny, Kade and all the wonderful staff L & C/ Australia/ 7.10.22 – 22.10.22

This was our first visit to the Sarojin, a beautiful place with such attentive staff + great food, even the rain stopped for a few hours… we did enjoy our stay, Thank you A & P/ Great Britain/ 20.10.22 – 23.10.22

We had the most fantastic time at The Sarojin for our honeymoon, The Sarojin staff were so kind and helpful at every turn, the food was exceptional and the spa was lovely, Thank you very much Sarojin team! C & R/ Australia/ 15.10.22 – 23.10.22

Another fantastic stay here, thank you to all the staff Mon, Jib, Phoung, Sak, Jack staff at the beach, Edge and Ficus it was a joy to see you all again! Thank you all so much A & H/ Great Britain/ 9.10.22 – 23.10.22

A fantastic stay here! the staff were all so lovely and the facilities service we can not wait to visit again next year! S & C/ Great Britain/ 14.10.22 – 24.10.22

We had a wonderful stay at The Sarojin! the staff and all the facilities were as expected and exceptional T & J/ Great Britain/ 12.10.22 – 24.10.22

Again The Sarojin #1 here team have outdone themselves such a wonderful stay, we’re been treated like stars, Thank you M & R/ Great Britain/ 15.10.22 – 25.10.22

Perfect stay at the amazing Sarojin resort, Thank you for every moment we had here O & T/ Israel/ 21.10.22 – 25.10.22

The room is was a perfect the best hotel! N & T/ Israel/ 23.10.22 – 25.10.22

Our stay at The Sarojin was just what we needed, hoped for and more. we’ve loved every moment, from the stunning gardens that greet you, to the stylish room, we LOVED the food, but the main praise and thanks has to go to the staff, each and every member of the staff was friendly, professional and a credit to the hotel, we can not wait to came back! KHOB KHUN KHA! Family D/ Great Britain/ 16.10.22 – 25.10.22

Faburious 8th stay, The staff at The Ficus restaurant looked after us extremely well. Khun O Thank you for sorting out the muffins for us to take away, It was lovely to see the team Sak, Jib, Wuth, Phoung, O, Mon, Kwan, Ma Miew again, until the 9th time! Khob Khun Kha J & D/ Great Britain/ 5.10.22 – 26.10.22

Thank you so much for your great service! Everybody was so lovely, teaching us Thai service, delicious food What a peaceful place! Thank you We will be back soon! Kop khun ka/ kab Family R/ Germany/ 17.10.22 – 27.10.22

1st time for me! This place is exceptional! The weather is amazing, the rooms are beautiful, I love this place, Thank you Family G/ France/ 23.10.22 – 27.10.22

What a beautiful place to stay, we enjoyed every second of! Thank you very much for all your help and make every moment so special! Family R/ Germany/ 20.10.22 – 27.10.22

On arrival it was beautiful, everybody was excellent and helped us to have such an amazing experience B & C/ Ireland/ 25.10.22 – 28.10.22

What a lovely, lovely place We have had a wonderful time, we should certainly return again! D & S/ Great Britain/ 26.10.22 – 28.10.22

Most beautiful place so very lovely. We had such a nice time and the people are so lovely and kind! A heart warming experience! J & L/Germany/ 27.10.22 – 28.10.22

We had most amazing honeymoon!!! We could not have asked for anything more perfect everyone is so friendly and welcoming, all of the food is delicious, every area is beautiful (even in the rain) and we felt so calm and relaxed. Thank you so much for such a wonderful ecperince!!! See you next time A & S/Great Britain/ 17.10.22 – 29.10.22

Amazing place, great service, loved everything, would love to come back! B & G/ Ireland/ 18.10.22 – 29.10.22

Shahab & myself had a wonderful time at The Sarojin we loved the food so much. Peace, joy and love here, the resort, property, villas, restaurants, beach and the garden are so beautiful but most inpressing and wonderful are the amazing team of The Sarojin, who make you feel comfortable and happy all the time! We will never forget the stay here I am in love with The Sarojin! Thank you for everything S & K/ Germany/ 19.10.22 – 29.10.22

Dear Sarojin team! Thank you for another lovely time! T & L/ Great Britain/ 24.10.22 – 30.10.22

Thank you all so much for a lovely stay, the staff have been amazing we really want to be back! J & A/ Great Britain/ 25.10.22 – 30.10.22

Thank you for making our honeymoon so special! T & E/ Great Britain/ 28.10.22 – 30.10.22

Thank you for everything we enjoyed our honeymoon with the Sarojin amazing beach and amazing staff M & P/ Madrid Spain/ 23.10.22 – 30.10.22

Wonderful hotel and lovely staff. Thank for the great time M & Y/ Russia/ 29.10.22 – 30.10.22

Dear Sarojin! Thank you for an amazing time! truly place to get relaxed and celebrate! Many thanks to all the staff! N & Z/ Great Britain/ 30.10.22 – 31.10.22

Dear Sarojin! Thank you for a lovely stay, special thank to Khun O and all the breakfast staff in Ficus for making us feel so welcome nothing is too much trouble for them! T & N/ Great Britain/ 19.10.22 – 31.10.22

Dear Sarojin! The 4th time here and fastastic like all times! K & I/ Germany/ 20.10.22 – 31.10.22