See what our past guests have to say about The Sarojin.

January 2011

Great place! Thank you - A & G/ Australia 01.01.11

We depart as another year unfolds. A top resort and we’ve been thoroughly pampered. Many thanks. - M & B/ GB 01.01.11

A great place with lovely people, I’ll be back! - C/ Sweden 01.01.11

A wonderful place with special staff, loved. - P & M/ GB 01.01.11

The hotel is amazing. Thanks to all the wonderful Thai staff always friendly and smiles a plenty. Be well everyone.- W & V/ USA 03.01.11

Almost perfect, a lovely and relaxing hotel with charming staff, see you soon. Happy New Year 2011 - E & S/ Switzerland 03.01.11

Very pleasant, the food is certainly 5 stars. - Y & S/ France 04.01.11

Excellent chef, very stylish hotel, we loved the hospitality of the staff, we learned a lot about wine from Dawid, were impressed by the perfect work of Suchart and just loved the atmosphere of the place, and very nicely organized front office caring for us. - C & E/ Switzerland 04.01.11

Good place to relax and enjoy! Thank you very much for everything. - M & L/ Germany 05.01.11

Clone the staff and go global! The place is beautiful but is made more beautiful by the staff. We felt so pampered and look forward to the day we return. Best wishes for 2011 - W & A/ New Zealand 05.01.11


Paradise in heaven, excellent staff and service take back to UK many wonderful memories. Wab and his infectious smile, the guides Nam, Boy and Joom are excellent for trips, restaurant staff for outstanding service. Never lose what you have built. - N & K/ GB 05.01.11

We have been in paradise! We have met lovely people who touch our heart with their creativity and kindness! Time stands still, so let’s say thank you for a wonderful time. - J & C/ Germany 06.01.11

Lovely people and delicious food, don’t loose your attention to the details as they are the parameter for a six star destination. - J & A/ Germany 06.01.11

It is beautiful, lovely. We are sure coming again next year. We relaxed very much and the food was very good. Thank you! - K & S/ Austria 06.01.11

We had a lovely time! The staff are lovely and very friendly but I have to say (Wab) the pool attendant is the best and most hard working Thai we have ever met and we come to Thailand every year! He is amazing! Thank you for a wonderful trip! - P & G/ GB 06.01.11

Thank you to all of the staff. They truly made it a very enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend to anybody. Thank you - C & M/AU 09.01.11

We have had a wonderful time and could not have enjoyed ourselves more, everything was perfect. Thank you. - R & S/ GB 09.01.11

Had a lovely stay at The Sarojin, lovely staff, lovely spa and the atmosphere was just incredible, thank you to all the staff at The Sarojin. 08.01.11

Thank you to all the fabulous staff for making our stay so special! A real tonic for body, mind and soul, we’ll be back! - R & C/ GB 08.01.11

Thank you for the lovely stay, amazing staff! Keep it up! - G & G/ GB 08.01.11

Thank you all for a wonderful peaceful time. Your staff are the kindest, friendliest and most obliging people. The atmosphere of peace here has been balm to my soul. Thank you all so much, we shall be back. - B & S/ Ireland 09.01.11

Thank you for a lovely stay with excellent staff and service. The food was also excellent! A good place to relax! - B & B Switzerland 09.01.11

We would like to thank all staff who made us folding towel animals, greeted us in Japanese, all the cleaners in the garden who greeted us with smile and the guides who entertained our trips. And Junko, we were delighted with your thoughtfulness. Sim, Singer, Beer, - thank you for wonderful letter. We will treasure it. Jack, Bang, thank you for a remarkable lunch, we will not forget. - KM & CM / Japan 09.01.11

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here at The Sarojin and it was truly a holiday to treasure and remember especially as it was our honeymoon. We have never experienced such hospitality and accommodating staff. They were great. - P & L/ GB 10.01.11

Wonderful holidays and very enjoyable experience, thank you all the staff. All the best for this 2011. - J & E/ Spain 10.01.11

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and hospitality. We had a lot of wonderful experience and memories. After we come back to Japan, we will really miss here and all of you. We live in Sapporo which is the northern islands in Japan. We have a lot of snow now, so we love this climate here, warm, sea breezing, and humid. We will really miss you. Thank you very much again. See you later, maybe next year. We will come back here!! With love. - K & M/ Japan 11.01.11

You made our honeymoon truly special. Thanks to everyone who made us so welcome, who took us on some great experiences and made everything that bit more personal. The Sarojin is certainly more than just a hotel! - S & S/ GB 12.01.11

We had such a wonderful time and relaxing days at paradise, thank you for all!! We hope to come back soon. - M & B/ Germany 12.01.11

A fantastic way to start 2011 – 10 days at The Sarojin! Thank you for the great service, super food and a fantastic kept room. We really enjoyed our stay. - T & H/ Norway 12.01.11

We had a wonderful and relaxing stay here. The friendliness and the gentleness of the teams did satisfy us so much. Thank you for everything, see you later. - K & R/ Germany 11.01.11

We had a wonderful time with our friends at this gentle paradise and in your comfortable hotel. Thank you for the nice service.. We really felt so spoilt - S & K/ Germany 11.01.11

Excellent hotel, service exceptional cuisine… everything was spectacular. - Z & G/ Italy 13.12.10

This has been a wonderful memory made even better because of people, people and people. The quality of hospitality from all the staff has been outstanding. Thank you. - F & J/ Australia 07.12.10

Thank you very much for the really terrific days here. The whole team is top class. We felt very well and relaxed. We will come back. Thanks to all the nice people. - U & D/ Germany 13.12.10

Thank you so much for your so good atmosphere in such a wonderful place!! We will come back!!! - N & B/ Germany 14.01.11

Enjoyed a lovely 10 days – great way to start 2011. Thank you to all the staff who were so helpful. - T & A/ GB 14.01.11

Thank you so much for a fantastic week! It was amazing, very sad to be leaving. We will be back! - P & B/ IE 15.01.11

Expectation high – and far exceeded! A wonderful, peaceful atmosphere and all the better for no children! The outstanding staff and friendly service at all levels helped to achieve the impossible! We hope to come back. Love the gardens. - J & J/ GB 15.01.11

This hotel for exceeded the wonderful reviews I had already read! Friendly, peaceful, indulgent a fabulous 4 nights and so sad to be away. - N & A/GB 15.01.11

The Sarojin is one of the best hotels in the categories I’ve ever seen, the very polite service, the fantastic food and combined with a beautiful atmosphere, lobby, garden, beach and large but not least the rooms in a Japan’s style and are outstanding. I hope I would have the opportunity to come back to relax again in this nice place. Thanks for a short but beautiful time. 15.01.11

What a brilliant way to end our honeymoon, a perfect 4 days at The Sarojin hotel. It has been everything we were looking for luxurious, tranquil and intimate. The staff have been fabulous. Thanks to Dawid for a wonderful romantic evening and , Wit who had only just started before we arrived but made our mornings with his huge welcoming smile at breakfast everyday we will have extremely find memories on this place. - D & N/ GB 15.01.11

Warmest regards to the always sweet gentle and helpful staff of The Sarojin this was our 2nd time staying with you and everything was just wonderful. We will surly return again soon! Love, - M & L/ Sweden 05.01.11

The Sarojin has been the perfect setting for our honeymoon! The staff, service, food and friendly smiles have made it more magical than the place itself. Special thanks to Jip and the breakfast staff. - K & C/ GB 15.01.11

I can’t write anything after what our predecessors wrote except: I agree with them!! - E & F/ France 16.01.11

Thank you for making part of our honeymoon so wonderful. We will never forget your hospitality, excellent staff and memorable surroundings. We will return again soon! - S & S/ GB 17.01.11

It was the wonderful and dream of a stay. The friendliness of all the staff, the perfect service and the wonderful transfer impressed us so much. We will remember The Sarojin for long. - D & Z/ Germany 17.01.11

Our has time passed by so quickly in Thailand (especially at The Sarojin) – we have really travelled to paradise. We have enjoyed every single second here. Thank you very much to the whole team. - J & D/ Germany 18.01.11

Thailand, Khao Lak, The Sarojin where dreams come true! Beautiful beach, great food and the friendliest staff that we ever expereinced in a resort. It’s home away from home. Till next year. - H & H/ Germany 19.01.11

It’s a wonderful hotel, the tranquility, the service and the room and design quality match the area/place. The perfect place for the perfect holiday. Thank you very much for everything. - W & A/ Germany 19.01.11

Saying goodbye to this wonderful and unique place, to the hospitality, the excellent and heartfelt friendly staff, gets harder with every stay. So we won't say "good bye" but "auf Wiedersehen (goodbye and see you soon)" We will return and see you again. Thank you for the lovely time! - F & U/Germany 19.01.11

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so very special. The warm and friendly staff and fantastic surrounds made it a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again in the (not to distant) future! - T & S/ GB 20.01.11

Thank you for the wonderful time and all the friendly smiles. Every thing was perfect and hope to see you soon again. - M & C/ Switzerland 20.01.11

Our first visit to Thailand and the delightful Sarojin. Many thanks to the wonderful staff, so happy, smiling and helpful. A very nice touch to meet Andrew and Kate Kemp. Keep up the excellent work! - C & F/ GB 21.01.11

Thank you to all staff for making every effort to make our stay enjoyable!! Lovely room and premises and great surrounding nature. I do feel I must come back thought sure. We will come back!! - J & M/ Spain 21.01.11

This is my first visit in Thailand! We spent 3 lovely days of our honeymoon in this wonderful resort. The place is really great! The people are really, really fantastic and lovely. We have to say thank you 1,000 times. We will certainly come back here in the future to discover all the great places that are over there!! - G & F/ Italy 21.01.11

Thank you very much for the beautiful days. We have gained lots of energy. - S & I/ DE 22.01.11

Thank you to all the staff of The Sarojin hotel for making this honeymoon a great experience. - C & D/ AU 22.01.11

Thank you to all of the team at The Sarojin for making our stay here so lovely. It has been a perfect start to our honeymoon. Hopefully we will be back to visit again soon! Thanks again. - M & D/ GB 22.01.11

We have had such a lovely recovery and happy 2 weeks in this beautiful hotel, we have met many nice people here. Thank you and we look forward to the next time! - H & V/ CH 23.01.11

Thank you for the amazing time here at "The Sarojin" you truly made our honeymoon special! It was nice to end our journey at a beautiful and relaxing resort like this, with especially friendly and caring staff! - S & G/ Kenya 21.01.11

Thank you so much for a wonderful time. This is a magic place and one of the world most beautiful hotels we have seen! Thousand thanks for at least 300 candles (because of the rain...) on our last evening in the pool. We will never forget your smile! Kob Khun Kha. - K & A/ DE 24.01.11

Thank you for a memorable stay and for making our friends wedding such a perfect day. - K & T/ GB 25.01.11

We and my friends felt we have stayed for two weeks in paradise. Thank you for all your effort you did for us. - R / AT 25.01.11

Thank you for a wonderful 'baby moon' we had a wonderful time and can say that this is the most peaceful and relaxing place we had stayed at. Thank you to everyone. Very best wishes. - R & A/ AU 25.01.11

First of all – Thank you for the nice tim! Everything was very well organized. Staff are perfect and very friendly (special best regards for Wit and James!) These are all reasons to come back! - A & E/ NL 25.01.11

Thank you so much for this wonderful stay! We felt like we were in paradise in our pool residence! Thank you for spoiling us so much. - D & C/ CH 25.01.11

Thank you for the wonderful stay! The place is just beautiful. We enjoyed it here very much and we will definitely come back! - M & M/ CH 25.01.11

The is the real place to travel to relax - the staff are the most friendly. - C & B/ CH 26.01.11

The room is just amazing! Thank you so much for everything. PS. We wish all the best to the French who come here and good luck for the new hotel in Cambodia! - S & N/ FR 27.01.11

Thank you for everything. We enjoyed our stay very much. - B & N/ AU 27.01.11

We had a wonderful time at The Sarojin for our honeymoon. Thank you for your hospitality. We will be back! - S & J/ AU 27.01.11

It is a wonderful place and the staff are really excellent. We spent a wnderfully relaxing week here and hope to come back again. Thank you for all!. - E & B/ AT 27.01.11

We're been here 4 nights and it feels like much longer - a testament to your wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. The staff are a credit to you with their fabulous personal touches, eg the diving "sea-scape "made from towels on the day we went diving. A truly memorable stay and we look forward to returning. Thanks for all you have done!- T & A/ GB 27.01.11

We have utterly enjoyed our stay at The Sarojin. The surroundings are wonderful and the staff very forthcoming. Placed on the beach – it is an excellent hotel to spend time alone, except for the rather new invented club sandwich, we found all meals very enjoyable. This way a relaxing stay after lots of activity prior to our stay. Regards, - J & L/ DK 28.01.11

Thanks for the great stay. We experienced great staff, excellent food and a peaceful and quiet atmosphere – we will definitely come back. - G & G/ DE 28.01.11

Many thanks for your amazing hospitality. We had a great and relaxing time at your peaceful and energetic place and your team made us truly feel at home. You are the reference where other resorts should be compared against. - R & B/ DE 28.01.11

What bliss! We’ve had a week off complete relaxation, made extra special by your warm and generous staff. Thank you for all your personnel attention and thoughtfulness. It’s tough to leave… - M & S/ GB 29.01.11

We have had a wonderful week here at the hotel, in such beautify surroundings! We very much enjoyed our Phang Nga bay trip with Joom – she was full of knowledge, fun and the pit stop at the sea turtles was lovely. Thanks Chef Gogh also to the cooking lesson team at the waterfall, they were great! Our in-residence dinner was very enjoyable and our waiter Jay was full of little stories and jokes and we enjoyed his company very much. This is a perfect honeymoon destination and we hope to return, one day for a special occasion. - T & F/ GB 29.01.11

We had a wonderful stay in your resort, beautiful location with swimming pool and especially nice staff - A & E/ CH 30.01.11

Such an incredible place with quietness, relaxing spa and beautiful gardens. We are very happy to have spent some days among people in The Sarojin. Great and lovely staff. Everything is truly perfect! - E & B/ FR 30.01.11

Such an incredible place to spend our honeymoon! We have loved every minute of it. Thank you to all the staff, you have been great! We hope to visit again one day! Many thanks and best wishes. - B & L/ GB 31.01.11

A wonderful week spent at The Sarojin stunning location and very attentive staff. We couldn’t have asked for more on our honeymoon. We have to return one day. Many thanks. - (A & C/ GB 31.01.11