The Sarojin Origins

June 5, 2024
The Sarojin


Twenty-five years ago, Andrew & Kate Kemp began the grand project that would eventually become The Sarojin in Khao Lak, envisioning a luxury resort in an area that was then completely undeveloped. Andrew, the first member of The Sarojin family, embarked on this project in April 1999, facing a challenging landscape of unpaved tracks and wild terrain.

He saw the potential in a water-logged greenfield site to create something remarkable. Among his early discoveries was a majestic Ficus tree, which later inspired the name of our fine dining restaurant, symbolising The Sarojin’s development and enduring strength.

The transformation of this landscape is documented in a series of photographs that illustrate the site’s evolution. These images trace the development from the initial construction of the arrival pond to the conversion of pastures where water buffalo once roamed into the location of the Pathways Spa.

These photographs also capture significant milestones, including the completion of the land purchase and the start of construction, marking the beginning of The Sarojin’s journey. As we recognise 25 years since work to build The Sarojin began, we celebrate not only its current status as a luxury resort but also the vision, effort and commitment that brought it to life. This history underpins the resort’s ongoing mission to provide a unique sanctuary for its guests, where they can experience the beauty and tranquility of Khao Lak.