Discover Thailand’s Spiritual Side at Phang Nga’s Most Beautiful Temples

July 31, 2019
Discover Thailand’s Spiritual Side at Phang Nga’s Most Beautiful Temples

From the largest temple pagoda in Phang-Nga to serene temple caves, the spiritual side of Phang Nga is worth exploring

Visiting a local Buddhist temple is often a highlight for travellers looking to better understand Thailand’s beliefs and spiritual cultures. With Buddhism being the prominent religion in Thailand for over nine centuries, its practices and ethos are very much embedded in the daily routines of the locals.

To help you experience the spirituality of Phang Nga, the stunning region that surrounds The Sarojin, we’ve rounded up some of its must-visit temples:

Wat Bang Riang Temple

Located on Khao Lan Mountain and featuring the largest temple pagoda in all of Phang Nga, Wat Bang Riang not only offers stunning views but is also perhaps one of the most impressive and intriguing temples in the area.

With both sides of its entrance guarded by five-headed Naga snake statues that wind up the walk way, Wat Ban Riang Temple is mesmerising from the very first moment you arrive. The temple consists of three main areas, each with a different purpose: the first houses cremated remains of Buddha’s relics; the second is Chedi Phutthathambanlu, the main central temple and the third, which can be seen in the distance from the main temple, is the statue of the goddess Guan Yin, who is associated with mercy and compassion. Don’t forget to visit the observation deck for stunning views of the surrounding forest and mountains before taking the tranquil walk down to the statues of Guan Yin and Buddha.

Want to partake in a traditional Buddhist ritual? Make sure you change 60 baht to coins before entering the Chedi. Once inside its courtyard, you’ll discover a circular hallway, featuring 60 golden buddha sculptures, each with a hole for coins. Make a wish and then as you walk around this magnificent hallway, pop a coin in each sculpture, it is said that if you can remember your wish after you drop the last coin, then it’ll come true!

Wat Bang Thong Temple             

Recently finished, Wat Bang Thong was built with donations from the locals who wanted a beautiful temple in which to worship closer to where they live. With its glittering golden central tower reaching almost 70 metres in height, Wat Bang Thong is easily seen from hundreds of metres away. The tower isn’t the only impressive feature though, walking around this stunning place of worship, visitors will discover a 30- metre tall statue of the immortal monk Luang Pu Thuad and another statue of the famous king cobra that is said to have spat a magical crystal ball at the monk.

Wat Thamsuwankuha (Wat Suwan Kuha)

The cave temple of Wat Tahmsuwankuha is one of the region’s most historic temples and houses a wonderful surprise that is sure to impress all that enter – a 15-metre-long reclining Buddha statue, the largest in southern Thailand. Having entered through the temple gates at the foot of a cliff, you’ll find yourself in a spectacular large cave, decorated with a variety of golden Buddha images, statues and religious relics. It is not uncommon to find a monk meditating here, in front of Buddha. While you’re here you might even spot some of the local lazy cats that like to snooze in this spiritual sanctuary.

Dragon Cave Temple

Another of Phang Nga’s most impressive places of worship is the Dragon Cave Temple. Set within a serene cave, you’ll find this place offers a very special atmosphere that is perfect for meditation and reflection. Follow the stone steps though the cave to discover its ornate statues and take in spectacular views from the Buddhist shrine which overlooks the surrounding natural landscape.

Phang Nga Temple Tour with The Sarojin

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Please be respectful when visiting temples, shrines and other places of religious worship, by wearing appropriate clothing.,