Community and Environmental Initiatives

The Sarojin recognises the responsibility it has as a corporate citizen and is dedicated to supporting the local community and the environment.

The Sarojin Khao Lak Community Fund was established prior to the opening of the resort and as a first response to the 26 December 2004 Tsunami.

As Executive Director, Andrew Kemp explains: "To date, in combination with our international contacts and partners we have been able to support a significant number of projects in Khao Lak, wider Phang Nga Province, Thailand and emergency relief in Myanmar (Burma) for cyclone Nargis."

To date The Sarojin Khao Lak Community Fund has contributed to a number of projects, including: medical provision for prosthetic limbs; child care and orphanage support; school classroom buildings and equipment; road building and street lighting; animal welfare and supporting a full time veterinary surgeon; landscape replanting and regeneration; and boat yard and longtail boat building, restoring the local fishing fleet. The Sarojin offers hotel trainee placements to older students from the Baan Than Namchai Orphanage.

100% of The Sarojin Khao Lak Community Fund is distributed to community projects in Khao Lak in Phang Nga Province.

The Camillian Social Centre

The Camillian Social Centre,, (factsheet here ), is part of the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand, is a non profit organization providing day care and rehabilitation for children with disabilities. The centre is 15 minutes drive from The Sarojin and is one of the projects supported by The Sarojin Khao Lak Community Fund since 2012.

The Centre provides day care and rehabilitation for children with disabilities including physical disabilities, autism and down’s syndrome.  Ages range from 4 -16 years and it is the only centre  providing care for down’s syndrome in Phang Nga province. Guests are welcome to join with the centre staff and volunteers to assist with arts and crafts sessions with the children or even to partake with The Sarojin Chef on a local street food tour and street food cooking class, donating the lunch back to the children and staff at the centre. 


Set up as an immediate response to the December 2004 tsunami The Sarojin has worked with the orphanage since January 2005. Children ages range from 14 months to 21 years. Donations of essential items from a recommended shopping list for rice, cooking oil, sugar, fish sauce etc. are very welcome. The Sarojin operates a hotel trainee scheme for some of the older children and rice bags are saved to provide create innovative bags available at the orphanage shop.  Nine years on some real success stories are appearing with older children studying at university, acting as role models for the younger ones; fueling their dreams and ambitions together to become lawyers, doctors, pilots, teachers. An overriding theme is that these children are keen to give back.


2nd Annual Khao Lak Bike Ride for the Community 23 Nov 2014

“Team Sarojin” is delighted to again participate in this 2nd annual charity bike ride organised by the Camillian Social Centre in Takuapa and in collaboration with Phang Nga Cycle Club and The Sarojin. The bike ride will raise funds and awareness for the Camillian Social Centre which provides essential and very valuable day care for down’s syndrome children and children with disabilities. There are 2 rides to choose from - 40km and 15km fun ride.  “Team Sarojin” comprises of staff, families and guests.  If you’re staying at The Sarojin on 23 November or in the Khao Lak area then please come and support us or join us – it is a fun event and supports a very valuable community resource. All funds raised go directly to the centre.  Thank you very much!

Bike for the Community 24 Nov 2013

"Team Sarojin" comprising of sixty staff, families and guests participated in a 30km "1st Charity Bike Ride for Children Living with Disabilities". The event was a collaboration of the Camillian Social Centre in Takuapa, The Sarojin and The Bike for Health Phang Nga Cycle Club.

Singapore Marathon 2nd December 2012

Kate Kemp completed her first 42km marathon in Singapore.  With a time of 4 hours and 58 minutes in the humidity and heat of Singapore, Kate came 273rd out of 1,948 female runners. Kate was truly delighted to complete the marathon and in doing so raise awareness and much needed funds for The Camillian Social Centre. "It was a great success and a fantastic THB 96,948 (approx USD 3,200) was raised for the Camillian Social Centre. As well it brought about much awareness for the centre and Down's Syndrome," said a breathless Kate after the race!

Phuket Triathlon 28 November 2012

Owner of The Sarojin, Kate Kemp, took part in and completed her first ever triathlon in Phuket. Greater than the Olympic distance, the course comprised a 1.8km swim, 55km bike and 12km run. Kate completed the course in a very credible 3 hours and 52 minutes and finished 298th out of 625 starters. Thank you to everyone who gave donations and sponsored Kate – we raised a total of USD 855 for charity.

Walk for the Community: 15 June 2008

Ninety-four staff and families of The Sarojin participated in a 5km fund raiser walk on 15 June 2008. Thank you to everyone who gave donations – we raised an amazing USD 9,000! 

Sarojin Care Days

The Sarojin has initiated a staff project to partake in local social and community projects. Once a month volunteers from all the team will head out to perhaps clean up a beach, assist in buliding a school, escort less advantaged children to a day at the beach or even to simply eat pizza.

May: Mangrove planting
May: Car park maintenance
April: Beach cleanup


 2nd Annual Khao Lak Bike Ride for the Community 23 Nov 2014

Sarojin Beach Cleanup Care Day


Sponsored Bike Ride.

The Camillian Centre

Kate's Marathon in Singapore

Sponsored Walk

 Khao Lak Community Fund
  Baan Than Namchai Orphanage