See what our past guests have to say about The Sarojin.

July 2011

What an amazing holiday we have had at The Sarojin. The staff are amazing, looking after us. We can\'t wait to return. Thank you to all. Special thanks to Leisa and Dawid in organizing the vaccinations and re-housing of the lovely cats we looked after during our stay. - T & S/Australia 01.07.11

Wonderfully gracious staff and attentive all the time, really enjoyed the cooking class. - S & C/Australia 03.07.11

We had a wonderful time and were made to feel very special by all the staff, thank you. - J & L/Australia 04.07.11

A very relaxing 4 days, staff and food were fantastic, thank you. - R & A/Hong Kong 04.06.11

Thank you guys - we had a great time here, it\'s such a quiet beautiful place. Pleasure to stay here with excellent service, you can only have a great time. Thank you - S & J /Germany 04.07.11

Thank you for a wonderful stay. It was truly perfect and we have created a lifetime of memories here. Thank you to everyone for making our proposal and night of our engagement so special. We hope that one day we will be back to enjoy the beauty of the place again and reminisce about all these wonderful memories we now have of here. - J & G/UK 07.07.11


To all our friends at The Sarojin, \"What an amazing experience\"! A magical place that will have a special place in our hearts forever. We couldn\'t have asked for a better place to relax on our honeymoon. Thank you so much. I have already promised my wife that I will bring her back for our 25th wedding anniversary! Again thank you and see you all again soon. - M & M/UK 08.07.11

Words can\'t express our thanks for everything you have done, you have made our stay amazing and catered to our every need. The staff were truly fantastic and cannot be faulted. Their warmth, care and willingness to do anything is one of a kind. Your hotel is one that all hotels should strive to be like. We will both always hold a special place in our hearts for The Sarojin as we got engaged here! A special thanks to Chef Gogh for catering to my special dietary requirements I wish I could take him home with me! Jeff, you have also been a great help. I could sit for hours thanking you all but I will miss my plane! Thank you, thank you and thank you. We will be back and I will be telling everyone there is no other place than The Sarojin to go to, all the best to the team. - P & J/Australia 08.07.11

Thanks so much for making our holiday super relaxing. Everyone who works here is so incredibly friendly and helpful. What a beautiful resort! We’re so sad to be leaving, we hope to return in the not to distant future! Thanks again, take care and good luck. - L & C/UK 09.07.11

To all our friends at The Sarojin, thank you so much for an amazing three weeks, we do not want to leave but will return sometime soon. Everything was fantastic, but most of all the kindness, friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff. We will miss you all. Thank you again, take care and we will see you again soon, with the kindest regards and our warmest wishes. - J & C/UK 10.07.11

To all the amazing staff at The Sarojin, thank you so much for a wonderful time, like as many others it will be incredibly hard to go home as our stay has exceeded all of our expectations. It will be incredibly difficult to find words explaining what an experience we had. The memories of food, activities, views etc will all stay in our hearts for decades to come. We absolutely loved our stay and hope to come again. Thank you again for being so amazing, and making our stay as enjoyable as it was. Good luck for the future, thank you! - D & Y/Australia 10.07.11

Thank you for a wonderful 10 days at The Sarojin, we had a fantastic stay-great food, fun excursions and plenty of relaxation. What more could we ask for? Thank you also to the friendly, helpful staff. All of you made our holiday even more enjoyable. We hope to visit again soon. Cheers ! - N, D & C/Australia 07.07.11

To all the staff, a very deep and heartfelt thank you for the superb and friendly service. We have stayed in many hotels all over the world and yours is one of the very best and most memorable. - W & A/Singapore 11.07.11

Thank you to all the staff for making our holiday so memorable. The Sarojin is perfect in every way. Incredible service! Incredible surroundings! We are very sad to leave, but am sure we will be back to see you all again. Many thanks. - A & P/Australia 11.07.11

Thank you for a wonderful time in Thailand. The staff are very nice and friendly, it was a pleasure. - S & S/Germany 12.07.11

Thank you for a fantastic time, all staff were very pleasing and helpful. Hope to see you all again next year. - R & D/Great Britain 13.07.11

Thank you for a great time at The Sarojin, this resort is just great. Although it rained for 4 days we enjoyed the Pool Residence. The food is very good, very sad we have to go today. - J & L/Denmark 15.07.11

A very relaxing weekend away, glad to see you still as excellent as ever. Thank you for a great stay again. - P & S/Kuala Lumpur 17.07.11

Thank you very much for wonderful days it felt like we were staying with friends. It was a really good time and we look forward to coming back again. - R & M/Germany 17.07.11

A big thank you to all the lovely staff at The Sarojin, we have had a wonderful and relaxing time. The service and hospitality from all the staff was excellent. We hope to be back soon! - S & K/Australia 18.07.11

A wonderful place and excellent staff, we had a really great time here…time goes too fast. We will come back here again soon. - J & J/Thailand 19.07.11

Thank you for another fabulous stay! We could stay forever and nearly did! Fourth time here and won’t be our last. Special thanks to O, Rong and Yui. - C & J/UK 19.07.11

On our last night at The Sarojin in 2008, we lit a lantern and made a wish to one day come back to The Sarojin. We are delighted to have returned! It is the staff that make this a truly special place, thank you to all of them for looking after us so well. - S & K/Australia 20.07.11

Thank you so much to all the wonderful and friendly staff at The Sarojin who made our honeymoon even more special. We will be back. Our room was amazing and the food even more so! - B & D/UK 20.07.11

I’ve had a wonderful time here and will come back again soon! - U & K/Germany 22.7.11

Just amazing, our personal favorite, we will be back again for sure! - Y & B/France 22.07.11

This was the vacation of a lifetime! Everyone was so hospitable and every desire was met completely. Thank you so much. (The housekeeping staff seemed to read our minds! Excellent job by everyone) - B & S/USA 24.07.11

Sorry to be leaving so soon. I have enjoyed the Pathways Spa so much and kindness amongst all members of your darling employees, best wishes and thank you ! - L/Singapore 24.07.11

Thank you for everything the staff have been fabulous, we will be back! - D & J/Australia 25.07.11

Dear Leisa, in management circles it is stated that your people are your most valuable asset. This is never more so than at The Sarojin. We have been so impressed with every single person we have come into contact with from Torn who collected us from the airport, to O, Fah, Jib, Yui, Boy, Phillip, Rong, Khai, Lucky, Duo etc. Too many to name. Special thanks to Dawid for his wine appreciation course, and Khai and Rong for the cooking course held at the Rainbow Waterfall. We have had a most enjoyable time. We hope to return here sooner rather than later. A special thanks to Yui who helped us make a wish when we lit our lantern last night, thank you once again. - S & T/Australia 25.07.11

This was the most wonderful place, magical-everything so perfect, people on hand to know exactly what we wanted before we did. Trips amazing, how will we ever equal this? We will never forget it, many thanks to all. - W, A, C & S/UK 26.07.11

A wonderful place in a great location and special and delightful staff - will highly recommend to all friends and family. Food was excellent. - F & A/Malaysia 26.07.11

Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay. You have created such a beautiful and peaceful resort, the service of the staff go above and beyond in everything they do. We will definitely be back….and will recommend The Sarojin to family and friends, thank you! - J & M/Australia 26.07.11

Thanks for everything, we had a wonderful time, the service was amazing always coming from the heart. We look forward to coming to this wonderful resort sometime in the near future! - I & E/Germany 26.07.11

So many thanks for all you did for our honeymoon here, we really enjoyed it. - M & R /Holland 27.07.11

So many enjoyable moments a tiny little paradise so many helpful staff members. I will keep The Sarojin as well as its people in my heart. - S/Germany 27.07.11

What an amazing holiday! We take away so many great memories. We have enjoyed so much, seen so much with many thanks to all the wonderful staff here. We will never forget our fun tours and our great guides. Thank you to all the restaurant staff and cooks, excellent! Thank you to all the staff for their constant smiles and greetings which made us feel very welcome. - C & C/Australia 28.07.11

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us on our honeymoon and birthday. Everything here at The Sarojin, from the staff to the rooms, to the activities offered were excellent and really exceeded our expectations! We arrived tired and are leaving relaxed, rested and superbly fed. Thanks again. - P & M/Australia 29.07.11

Thank you for taking amazing care of us during our stay, everything was amazing. Room, fantastic facilities everything exceeded our expectations, your staff are so wonderful and made us feel very comfortable and welcome. A special thank you to the chefs - the food is superb, many thanks hopefully we will see you next year. - E & R/New Zealand 29.07.11

Thank you so much for taking good care of us at your beautiful resort, our honeymoon will be forever in our minds as one of true pampering. The staff\'s attention to detail is amazing and a true credit to the resort. My husband and I have never been waited on in such a wonderful way. The food is truly amazing. Every staff member was warm and friendly. It felt as if everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and relaxed. I look forward to returning to this paradise in years to come. - J & C/Australia 30.07.11

Thank you very much. - T/Japan 30.07.11

Thank you for a wonderful time in The Sarojin and to all of the staff who have been great! - V & I/Germany 30.07.11

Thank you to all the staff in every way that go out of their way to make sure the guests have an amazing stay. The Sarojin is as superb at this as it was on my last visit 5 years ago. Congratulations to Leisa and the team. You will be my first recommendation to friends that want to come to Thailand, I’m sure we will meet again. - S/Australia 31.07.11

A beautiful idyllic resort - great service and tranquil atmosphere. A true jewel of the region. - D & M/Australia 31.07.11