Awards and Press Coverage

The Sarojin is proud of the worldwide recognition it continues to receive from travel associations and the press for its commitment to sustainability, luxury and excellence in all its activities.
Further press releases and media information can be found on the Media Inquiry page.



Red Online May 2014 (PDF)
Five Star Magazine Mar 2014 (PDF)
Places for a Fine Romance Mar 2014 (PDF)
A Time to Imagine Mar 2014 (PDF)
Khao Lak Attack Jan 2014 (PDF)
Conde Nast Traveller Jan 2014 (PDF)
International Traveller Jan 2014 (PDF)
Irish Examiner Jan 2014 (PDF)
31 of the Most Exotic Pools on Earth Jan 2014 (Weblink)
Getaway with a "K" Jan 2014 (PDF)