Legend of Lady Sarojin

The Lady Sarojin, eldest daughter of a prominent Thai nobleman, became mistress of the house upon her mother's accession. As such, she was responsible for not only the upkeep and smooth running of the residence and grounds, but also for the comfort of her father's guests.

So wholeheartedly did she pursue this vocation, that travellers from far and wide sought invitations, as this household had become famous for its hospitality, comfort and appeal under her aegis.

Today, Lady Sarojin's spirit guides us every step of the way and, we hope as she did, that our guests are truly enriched by their sojourn with us.

Lady Sarojin Awards

The Lady Sarojin Awards are presented to those staff that have indeed exceeded all expectation and delivered "The Spirit of exceptional service and attention" that Lady Sarojin has inspired. Nominations for these awards are gathered from heads of department, previous award winners, business partners and guests. These awards are given to staff that has been truly "exceptional".

Lady Sarojin Award winners:

2015 Khun Kuea, Khun Boy, Khun Oh, Khun Jo, Khun Alex, Khun Ad
2014 Khun Faii, Khun O, Khun Kade, Khun Su, Khun Nang, Khun Fah, Khun Doung
2013 Khun Sea, Khun Phu, Khun Chalee, Khun Nam, Khun Sak, Khun Toy, Khun Sarah
2012 Khun Au, Khun Au, Khun Keam
2011 Khun Joom, Khun Tom, Khun Orn, Khun Poon
2010 Khun Jack, Khun O, Khun Mon, Khun Nang, Khun Mon
2009 Khun Lek
2008 Khun Junko, Khun Gogh, Khun Harn, Khun Pe, khun Tick, Khun Ra, Khun Jowell
2007 Khun Debbie, Khun Kai, Khun Ek, Khun Yai, Khun Toy, Khun Sak
2006 Khun Chailai, Khun Kate, Khun Jui, Khun Yui, Khun Kik


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