Guest Experiences at The Sarojin

A selection of unique experiences at The Sarojin. We aim to really show you the local and cultural life and offer some out of this world experiences, whether that be meeting a monk for a blessing, becoming a mahout, catching your own lunch, dining out at sea on a private island or private chartering our boat to The Similans; the limits really are your own imagination!

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our limits are only your imagination

A team of personal guides and the elegant and inspired "imagineer" team, the ultimate personal concierge delight in creating very tailor made experiences and offer a wide variety of private and unique excursions into the surrounding national parks and area of outstanding beauty.

Romantic dinners by a candlelit jungle waterfall, on a private sand isle or a secluded white sand beach, a rejuvenating spa massage lulled by the sounds of the Andaman Sea, a Thai cooking class and gourmet safari style lunch on spectacular river banks or jungle setting, private charters on the luxury yacht Lady Sarojin or personal jungle adventures complete with champagne. The limits are only your imagination…

degustation wine dinners

Executive Chef Gogh and his team have been delighting guests with a range of five and seven course candlelit degustation dinners. These very special dinners have been set in the most breathtaking of settings around the ancient ficus tree. Inspired cuisines created by chef and his team such as “mint tuna sashimi on a bed of whipped tomato terrine avocado topped with fish roe”, or “andaman blue crab and celery essence with prawn coriander ravioli” have been set with specifically chosen wines by our Wine Director, Sam for each course. These very special degustation dinners  offer a true culinary adventure into cuisines and wines.

excellence in WINE

The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence is made to those restaurants that share a dedication to wine and lists a well-chosen selection of quality wine producers, along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style. We are delighted that Ficus restaurant has won this award for the past seven consecutive years since 2008.

The Sarojin's passion for wines is avidly shared amongst its owners! The Sarojin's Wine Director, a New Zealander and retired lawyer, Sam Bonifant, personally dates his passion for wine back to his college days and the bottle of Liebfraumilch, which he and his then girlfriend were accustomed to drink over supper. His taste thus wetted, he confesses to being fascinated by wine ever since. His excuse, if he needs one, is that his legal career left little time for other pursuits. Sam is an enthusiastic collector of wines, which he cellars in England with a back-up cellar in his native New Zealand. Thus assured that a sudden world wine drought will not find him lacking in supply in either hemisphere, he enjoys sharing the results whenever possible with family and friends and exploring the many ways in which food and wine complement each other.
The latter is an endless subject he says. "The old principles of what went with what were really quite limited and thus the challenge is to find what is best for the myriad of flavours which modern cuisine has to offer."

At The Sarojin, Sam has worked with the team to create a comprehensive wine list with over 200 selections from both the old and the new worlds. The emphasis is on quality yet affordability, which is quite a challenge given the very high Thai import duty on wines and limited supplier lists. Careful attention is also paid to proper storage as well as to proper serving, given the additional challenge of maintaining quality when drinking wine in a tropical climate. As Sam says "you can have the best wine in the world but if it is exposed to the heat for too long the result can be a total disaster".

We are very proud of our wine selection at The Sarojin and hope that you too enjoy exploring Sam's choices and recommendations during your stay.

Le Verre De Vin

Le Verre De Vin is the world's most advanced wine and champagne preservation system and is the only wine preservation system capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines. Le Verre De Vin has is installed at both Ficus and Edge restaurants and we are delighted to now offer 20 wines by the glass including both still and sparkling wines. This is a wonderful addition and enables all guests to more freely roam and enjoy Sam's wonderful wine menu at The Sarojin. Thank you Sam!

catch, cook, dine

Catering for an increased demand of guests seeking a more authentic encounter with rural Thailand, “Catch, Cook and Dine” is a true foodie experience and enables guests to engage with the local environment and quite literally fish for their own supper and to gather ingredients from local farms and suppliers in some of Thailand’s most natural and spectacular landscapes.  Ingredients in hand, guests will then enjoy a master class with Chef on the Takuapa riverbank or equally stunning outdoor setting.  Finally, guests will be able to dine with a spectacular safari-style gourmet lunch set amidst the breathtaking surroundings of the forest waterways. 


If you haven’t come to the conclusion already that we like a bit of luxury then this may just give it away as when thinking of getting shipwrecked on a sand bar in the Andaman, the only way we could imagine it is with your own private chef, butler and a glass in hand whilst lazing at sunset….hmmmm did we mention the set up….shipwrecked Imagineer style indeed!

Lady Sarojin, our luxury boat, awaits at our beachfront to private charter you through the enchanting mangrove forest – captain has the nack of achieving the perfect champagne sipping speed in this most beautiful and tranquil of settings. Dabble in a cocktail or two from the onboard bar and enjoy chef Gogh’s home made canapés before you become shipwrecked.

Your island is alight with fireplace and candles and is the perfect place to be shipwrecked with the person you adore most.

Don’t worry we promise not to really desert you as a traditional Thai longtail boat and Sarojin car will return you to the resort – “Shipwrecked in Sarojin style!”

The Waterfall Dinner

I almost fell over when i saw the waterfall all lit by candlelight amidst the jungle and a private dining table just as I had dreamed ….

Stepping out of the chauffeured car into the cool evening air, allow yourself to be guided along a candlelit jungle path, the call of the waterfall ever closer, the jungle clears and a magnificent waterfall rises taking centre stage…. wonderland itself….hundreds of candles glow softly, romantically, encircling the natural theatre and creating the most magical of settings. The waterfall - every water drop dancing seemingly for you and only for you.

Your private table awaits whenever you are ready, your personal chef creating dishes as you desire.

pack a picnic and off you go

Some of our most memorable travels were found simply roaming around and exploring the local areas.

Chef Gogh and his team love going off menu… so choose what you want and when and allow us to pack you a picnic for your adventure. Your picnic pack can be brought in a backpack or basket to your guest residence or you are welcome to collect it in the lobby.

Now to decide where to go…walk on the beach, bike ride to the waterfall, canoe to the cape, take our hobbie cat sailing boat out…. it really is an adventure of your choice.

Visit the local market with chef to learn about the local ingredients used in Thai cuisine. Select and taste ingredients required for chosen dishes before returning to prepare and cook chosen dishes with individual tuition from chef. Enjoy lunch and perhaps a glass of wine? Non cooking partners are welcome to join for lunch.

authentic thailand

Offering a rare opportunity for a more authentic insight into the local Thai way of life and culture of the surrounding rural and fishing community.

Farming life, fishing communities, home industries, temples, schools, orphanages, birds nest production, local markets and much more can be combined into a visit or join the ’Day in the Life of a Local’ where we spend time meeting the personalities of the area; you could even become an elephant owner for a day!

Old Takuapa Town is a fascinating and eclectic  Sino-Portuguese town with local colour and culture with any local experiences as the main aim of this day.

Trips are guidelines as we will alter the itinerary depending on seasons and your personal interest and always adding in areas of seasonal local interest or festivals.

spiritual blessing of love

Sunrise Alms Giving “Tak Bat”  & Spiritual Blessing at the Temple 'just for 2’

For centuries monks and novices have left their temples everyday and walked through the town accepting alms from the local townsfolk; a way for people to gain merit and for the monastic community to maintain contact with their community. Locals place rice and other foods into their alms bowls before the monks return to their temples with the collected food for breakfast.

At one of our favourite local pagodas and after the ‘tak bat’ and a small visit of the town and market including the tsunami boats, we continue with your next rewarding way to connect with the Buddhist ethos of Thailand - a spiritual blessing and offering to the temple.

Offering a small  basket of items to the monks is a sign of respect, and the monk returns his thanks with a blessing. This consists of a monk gently pouring water over you to cleanse your spirit whilst chanting ancient Pali-Sanskrit ‘mantras’. You will feel lighter and remarkably calm by this simple but spiritual event. The walking meditation occurs at first light and we invite you to join us for this contemplative and spiritual experience,

A special way to perhaps start your new marriage or end your stay at The Sarojin.

elephant mahout for a day

Accompanied by The Sarojin’s guides, guests will shadow local mahouts from the Sairung camp and learn daily healthcare for the elephants. The teaching will focus on the correct ways to interact with free-roaming elephants; how to approach them using Thai greetings; general skin care and how to bathe them in the river; their overall digestion and how to feed them; basic mahout-style riding skills; and the five key signs to identify a healthy elephant – flapping tail and ears; moisture between their toes; markings on its body to indicate a good sleep pattern; volume of elephant waste; and moisture in its manure.

For those that really wish to get up close and personal, guests can take a dip in a jungle lake and swim around their elephant offering it friendly scrubs. The trunk becomes a virtual snorkel as the elephant submerges its body underwater and enjoys its leathery hide being scrubbed. Once land bound again guests will learn how to ride elephants bareback just as a mahout would do to keep them healthy. Perched on the necks of these gentle giants, guests will trek deep into the jungle to view the spectacular scenery located within this area of outstanding natural beauty.

a day in the life of a local

A “Day in the Life of a Local”, is designed to showcase authentic Thailand and take guests into the heart of the local community. During your ventures, you will travel to Khao Lak’s rural areas and shadow a local fisherman, a Buddhist monk, an elephant mahout, a fruit farmer and a market seller as they go about their daily lives. Ideally suited for those with an interest in experiential travel, these new tours present a variety of ways to dig beneath the surface of Thailand and gain a deeper insight into local culture through a host of firsthand experiences. 

the lady sarojin

The Lady Sarojin luxury boat is exclusively available for guests and also available for private charter, click here for more Private Charter information. Cruise, snorkel and SCUBA dive in the Similan Islands, Surin Islands or Phang Nga Bay. These are the recommended destinations but we are able to tailor make an itinerary to suit divers or snorkelers or for a simple day out on the seas. The Similans are renowned for their underwater beauty, marine life and coral, soft white sand beaches and lush interiors. With reefs beginning only yards from the white sand beaches and a visibility of up to 30 metres, the islands offer superb snorkelling as well as a unique diving experience where even novice swimmers can enjoy an underwater world usually reserved only for divers. 

Between November and April, the Lady Sarojin is moored off the beach at The Sarojin and serves the islands to the west, whilst from May to October she rests at Yacht Haven in Phuket and Phang Nga Bay is in easy reach.

the similan islands

The Similan Islands Marine National Park, open 1 November – 30 April, is one of the world's top ten world dive sites, is less than an hour away by the Lady Sarojin boat yacht direct from The Sarojin's beach. The Similans are renowned for their underwater beauty, marine life and coral, soft white sand beaches and lush interiors. With reefs beginning only yards from the white sand beaches and a visibility of up to 30 meters, the islands offer superb snorkeling as well as a unique diving experience.

We are delighted to be able to offer regular scheduled cruises to the Similans Islands as well as private charters. These days are spectacular and offer a very personal and special opportunity and memory. Apart from the Similans Islands other destinations off the west coast for private charter include Surin Islands, Koh Bon, Richelieu Rock as well as Phang Nga Bay national marine park in the south east renowned for its dramatic limestone islands and captivating sea cave canoe journeys,

Click here for more details.

Phang Nga bay

Phang Nga Bay National Marine Park is renowned for its dramatic limestone islands and cliffs and captivating sea cave canoe journeys through hidden lagoons and caves exposed only at lower tides. The bay is also home to a remarkable sea gypsy village built over the water on stilts and with a giant rock monolith guarding its rear. Phang Nga Bay's most famous limestone rock is Tapu Island, also known as James Bond Island, named for its appearance in the film 'The Man with the Golden Gun'.

Khao sok national park

Explore the adventurous playgrounds of Khao Lak and Khao Sok National Parks. These lush jungles are only 40 minutes away by car and contain primary forest, limestone mountains, breathtaking lakes, caves and wild animals. From the mountains, waterfalls cascade into a lowland rainforest dated to be 160 million years old. You can jungle or elephant trek, or safari by canoe or jeep. It is nature at large and a much vaunted addition to your Sarojin experience.

the sarojin national park beach

Imagine an 11km long, secluded white sand beach with all year round swimming and sheltered by Pakarang Cape.

Being within the National Park boundaries, the beach is free of any jet-skis and motorised leisure water sports- parascending, water skiing etc. No fixed structures are permitted allowing for one of the most stunning beaches in Thailand. Welcome to The Sarojin beach.